Finding Humour,  Habits of Mind,  Listening with Understanding and Empathy,  Persisting,  Questioning and Problem Posing,  Remaining Open to Continuous Learning,  Responding with Wonderment and Awe,  Stories,  Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision,  Thinking Flexibly

Dogs and Doughnuts: Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller

So we begin!

Week 1

Our Themes this week are friendship, family, compassion and accepting differences, as well as puppies… and food (especially doughnuts!)

Our Habits of Mind focuses are Thinking Flexibly, Finding Humour and Persisting.

Discussion ideas and Guidelines:

  • Tell me about the story. Was it a true story or make-believe? Why?
  • Did you hear how the music told the story too? How is that?
  • Was it a happy or sad story? Why? Evidence?
  • How was Arnie different from his doughnut friends?
  • Do you sometimes think differently from your friends? Is that good or bad?
  • What makes a good friend? How do friends make you feel? Did Mr Bing and Arnie become a family? Friends? What’s the difference?
  • Do you think that Mr. Bing had a family at the beginning of the story? Why or why not? Evidence. What about at the end of the story?
  • If you were Mr Bing, would you have eaten Arnie? Why or why not?
  • What Habits of Mind did Mr Bing and Arnie use to solve their problem? Many! Thinking Flexibly, Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision, Questioning and Problem Solving. You and your child could think of more and as long as it can be supported by some sort of evidence in the story that’s fabulous.
  • If you were Mr Bing, how would you feel at the end of the story? Why?
  • If you were Arnie, how would you feel at the end of the story? Why?
  • How do you feel about the ending of the story? Why?

Remember, this is just a guide to encourage discussion and familiarise the children with the benefits of using the Habits of Mind.