Autumn- Changing Times and Changing Seasons- Our Painting


What can you see in the painting? Let your child slowly observe and say what they can see and touch. Shapes, lines, colours, talk about warm colours of autumn. Focus on ‘slow looking’, letting the eyes wander and see where the artist takes them.

‘Sensory See Game’

Imagine getting up close and stepping inside the painting.

What might you hear?

What might you smell?

What might you hear?

What might you feel?

What makes you say that?


What is the painting about?
What do you think is happening? Why do you say that?
Why do you think that the artist chose Autumn to paint this picture and not winter?
What do you like about the painting? Is there anything you don’t like?
Would you like to make changes to this painting if you could? What would you change? How would your changes make it better?
If you were playing hide and seek in this painting where would be a good place to hide?


I wonder where the people are in the painting?

What do you wonder about the painting?

Share your thinking and ideas. There’s no wrong answer!