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m is for mama… our painting

‘Child With Toys’ painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1895-96
Part of the collection at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C

See: What can you see in this painting? Let your child look slowly to observe the things that they could touch. What do they notice. Give them time and talk about ‘slow looking’.

Think: When your child has talked about what they can see, ask them ‘what they think is happening?’ -What are they doing? What makes you say that? -Who are the people? Friends? Family? -What do you think they might be playing? Do you have any similar toys? Tell me about them. How do you use your toys like that? -Do you think they might be telling a story? Can you tell a story with your toys? -How we are feeling can show on our faces. Can you see how they are feeling by looking at their faces? -Do you think they are having fun? Why do you say that? -Do you think that this is a new painting or an old painting? What makes you say that? -Do you think they might be using the Habit of Mind ‘Creating, Imagining and Innovating’? Or maybe another Habit of Mind? What evidence can you see in the painting? -Pose questions to your child about why they are saying and thinking what they do and for evidence… encouraging deeper thought.

Wonder: Ask your child what they are wondering about the painting based on their observations and thoughts. Encourage them to begin a sentence with ‘I wonder… ‘ You may need to model a sentence for them, something that you wonder about the painting eg “I wonder what story they are telling?’ Share the thinking, encouraging your child to talk about their thinking.

Most of all, enjoy this calm time talking to your child about art and thinking.