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Siblings, Space and Serenity Now! Papa Please Get The Moon For Me by Eric Carle

Week 2

Our Themes this week are family, siblings, helping, kindness, feelings, learning new things and the Moon.

Our Habits of Mind focuses are creating, imagining and innovating, responding with awe and wonderment, listening with empathy and understanding.

Questions to guide your discussion:

-Why did Monica want to play with the moon?

-What did her Papa do to help her? Why?

-Has someone in your family done something very special for you? Why do you think they did that?

-What have you done for someone that you love? Why did you do it?

-How can you help the people in your family now?

-Is the story real or pretend? Evidence?

-Is it impossible to reach the moon with a ladder?

-Is there something that you want that is impossible to get? Why do you want it?

Do you think that Monica maybe dreaming? Imagining?

Do you think that you should get everything that you ask for? Why or why not?