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m is for mama… our activities

‘Mother and Child’ made by Renoir using pastels in 1886
Part of the collection at The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

Look at this beautiful picture of a child with her mummy. The artist drew this with pastels. Can you draw a picture like this of you and your mummy or someone in your family that you love lots? Make it special and maybe even give it to them as a surprise.

Think of the things that make you laugh about your family. Tell someone.

Mama begins with the ‘m’ sound. Can you think of something else that begins with ‘m’? Can you cut some ‘m’ pictures out of a magazine or draw some ‘m’ pictures and make a ‘m’ mural by gluing them onto a long piece of paper then putting it up on a wall ?

If you could decorate your bedroom with anything that you like would you choose elephants? Can you design and draw your very special bedroom with things that you like. You can label it too if you like.

Get your blocks and some little people and animals out just like the child in Renoir’s ‘Child with Toys’ painting. Can you make a story to tell your family? Maybe even a special Mother’s Day story for your Mummy, Granny or someone else that you love.